Appeals Procedure

If you wish to appeal against a decision made by Black Star Certification please do so by email, telephone or in writing.

Certified clients may to appeal under the following circumstances::

  • If certification is removed
  • If certification is suspended
  • If certification is withdrawn
  • If the scope certification is reduced
  • If Black Star refuse to accept an application for certification
  • If we refuse to proceed with an assessment audit
  • Disagreement with a decision made by an auditor during an audit

When an appeal is received we shall record the following details:

  • Name
  • Certificate number
  • Date appeal was made

It is the policy of Black Star to address all appeals within 28 days from receipt of an appeal  The client shall be kept informed at all times. If an appeal cannot be settled the matter may be referred to the Committee for Impartiality.

The person making the appeal shall be informed as soon as a final decision has been made. The reasons for the final decision shall be stated and made aware to the person making the appeal whether it is upheld or rejected. In any outstanding appeals the Committee for Impartiality shall be the final authority.

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