Making a Complaint

Complaints may be made in writing, by email or by telephone.  In order for us to fully investigate we will need to know the following:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Details of the incident or occurrence
  • Date of the complaint
  • If it involves an existing client we will need the certification number

We will respond to your concerns within 28 days of the complaint being received and inform you of the status of your complaint and we will carry out an initial investigation to establish the following:

  • If the allegations are true
  • To identify the cause
  • To identify those involved
  • To identify contributory factors
  • To Identify any trends from any previous issues

We shall contact you when the investigation is complete and If the complaint is justified or is not justified (we may contact you at sooner intervals to gather information or to clarify additional points). If your complaint is deemed to be not justified i.e not our fault then you shall be given the reason/s why we have reached that conclusion.  If your compliant is justified we shall inform you of the action we have taken to rectify the matter.

If your complain is not resolved within 28 days we will inform you.

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