Use of Logos & Marks

The use of the Black Star mark & UKAS logo & symbols

1. Introduction

1.1. As a certified client of Black Star Certification you are entitled to apply the Accredited Certification registered firms marks alongside your company name. Should you decide to use the Black Star mark or UKAS logo or symbol on any of your company documentation then the following regulations must be adhered to. There are strict rules concerning the use of the UKAS logo and symbol and these are briefly explained below.

2. General use

2.1. You can apply the Black Star Certification mark as indicated on any single dimensional material. This covers letterheads, invoices, business cards and all other paper based business materials. This includes any advertising materials that you may produce to support and promote your business.

2.2. If you decide to apply the mark to any road vehicle then you must reproduce it exactly as it appears in the sample, You cannot display the UKAS logo or symbol on any vehicles. The application of the UKAS logo and symbol on any road going vehicles is prohibited and this rule will be strictly enforced at all times.

4. Restrictions to use of Marks, Symbols & Logos

4.1. You cannot apply the UKAS logo or symbol directly to the product if you produce or manufacture goods for sale to others.

4.2. Please do not remove the centre part of the Black Star mark and replace it with your name, the mark must be used intact at all times.

4.3. Please ensure that you do not reduce the mark size to such that it cannot be read easily. The detail must be clearly visible. As a general rule the mark should not be less than 20mm in height. If taller all elements must be in proportion. The Black Star name and accreditation number must be able to been easily seen.

4.4. If you are in any doubt regarding a proposed application of the mark then please contact our head office and we will advise you accordingly.

5. Symbol & Logos can be displayed in the following ways

  • On letterheads
  • Business cards not allowed any longer
  • Invoices
  • Most other paper based office materials
  • Include in advertising / promotional material for the business
  • Display on a vehicles (restrictions apply) – see section 4.
  • On the internet i.e. clients website, providing controls are in place to prevent the mark from being downloaded.
  • When displayed the company name of the client must accompany the mark.

6. Symbols & Logos cannot be displayed in the following ways

  • On a vehicle with the UKAS logo or symbol (if displayed on a vehicle it must be without the UKAS logo or symbol).
  • On any products
  • On any product packaging
  • On any laboratory test reports
  • On any calibration reports
  • On any inspection reports
  • On any academic material or qualifications
  • Use the mark to indicate certification in any area other than those certified against
  • Do not allow the mark to be used or implied by any other organisation
  • The mark cannot be displayed without the name of the certified client alongside it

The use of all certification marks, symbols and logo’s must be in accordance with the requirements of URN09/1090 National Accreditation Symbols, a copy of which is retained in the reference library file. Further details can be found at

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